Monday, May 2, 2011

SOE : About More Than 12,700 Credit Cards Stolen

Following the previous incident, Sony Online Entertainment reveals that the personal information of 24.6 million SOE accounts and more than 12,700 credit card numbers may have been compromised in the massive attack that brought down the PlayStation Network late last month.

According to a Sony Online Entertainment statement, the company believes the data theft took place between April 16 and 17, which is around the same time as the cyber attacks that compromised the PlayStation Network.

The credit card data stolen, however, comes from an outdated database from 2007. That database contained 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates, along with the direct debit information for 10,700 customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

An as a compensation, SOE will be offering subscribers to its massivelyday subscription, as well as compensation for each additional day the services are down. It's also working on a "make good" for players of its PlayStation 3 MMOs Free Realms and DC Universe Online.

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  1. You know, I keep hearing the internet terrorist organization "Anonymous" is responsible for this. But a part of me kind of thinks it was Microsoft. Perhaps they just found a good patsy since Anonymous has admitted to doing certain things to SONY out of outrage over the whole Linux cracking thing...