Thursday, May 5, 2011

Linux (Unofficially) Returns to the PlayStation 3

In many ways, it was Sony's 2010 decision to remove Linux compatibility from the PlayStation 3 that sowed the seeds for the current PSN downtime and data attacks. So there's poignancy to the news that this week Linux has returned to the system.

A team of homebrew developers have released a custom piece of firmware called "OtherOS++", which not only brings Linux compatibility back to the PS3, but improves on Sony's original offering by giving users access to "the system's innards".

The catch is you've got to be running old firmware prior to the installation of OtherOS++, otherwise it won't work.


  1. I ran ubuntu for a while but found it difficult. Might give it another go at some point.

  2. SONY dug their own grave. I'm contemplating trading mine in for an XBox 360. I DEFINITELY will NOT be buying SONY products anymore. The think they can tell me what I can & can't do with something I bought & paid for? Pssshhh... Goodbye SONY, ROT IN PIECES.