Monday, September 5, 2011

Comiket 80 First Day Report I

370 :2011/08/12(金) 03:34:23.42 ID:zoo4Ujyq0

Look at our fist, we are ready to face the battlefield
But we have been waiting too long, a half year is not a short time...
We will not satisfied with just normal Doujinshi!!
Comiket!! Show it to us with full hearted!!

Let's awake those people who had disgraced us with our movement
Pull their hair, open their eyes, show it to them
Awaken their fears
We are going to make this creaking hi-tech lame shoes sounds to their ears.

Among sky and earth, we show them there is something that can't be explained by philosophy.
Two hundred thousand freaking warrior otaku are ready
We will burn the world with our spirit.

Comic Market 80, report your situation.

Let's move, comrade!

91 :2011/08/11(木) 19:35:01.69 ID:7/bNM5650
Will be there someone recording for nico2 secretly just like last year?

257 :2011/08/11(木) 20:03:31.19 ID:6azkly1F0
Fight, everyone!
I'll doing my best too, but don't standby overnight.

267 :2011/08/11(木) 20:04:48.09 ID:G6b0UDGz0

270 :2011/08/11(木) 20:04:57.28 ID:3p/SJzGZ0
Lol, here comes the staff

277 :2011/08/11(木) 20:06:27.46 ID:Iq9Iw1Wc0
On the night Big Sight so bright, I haven't go there on the night so I just know this

284 :2011/08/11(木) 20:07:50.70 ID:Sn84otux0
Scaryyy moon

287 :2011/08/11(木) 20:08:39.54 ID:9Q3wxOMf0
You mean a silent before sudden storm?

313 :2011/08/11(木) 20:16:27.28 ID:M3bbKwl20
Oi, who's this? Lol
I'll punch you (like hitomi), gimme your room number now XD

351 :2011/08/11(木) 20:25:43.42 ID:xA8Yw4tC0
I collected 50 cicada husks, can't wait for tomorrow~

355 :2011/08/11(木) 20:26:20.70 ID:YWahanOx0

356 :2011/08/11(木) 20:26:29.97 ID:ZFqhfbcU0

371 :2011/08/11(木) 20:27:24.69 ID:xS3dyY3o0
Lol, terror warning XD

748 (木) 21:09:22.07 ID:j2mrG70x0
Fund for tomorrow, should enough
10k x 5 (for official booth)
1k x 31
500 x 54
100 x 72

253 :2011/08/11(木) 21:55:35.07 ID:8j8bqYVi0
Will this much enough?

259 :2011/08/11(木) 21:56:12.94 ID:b4qczz360
Where do you come from huh....

263 :2011/08/11(木) 21:56:42.10 ID:IPexUbasO
What you gonna buy with that "money"

767 :2011/08/11(木) 21:10:47.48 ID:dXf5oy/N0
It's steady without tripod at night, I hope this can give you information

777 :2011/08/11(木) 21:11:39.53 ID:G6b0UDGz0
Hope 6 hour later rain, amen.

791 :2011/08/11(木) 21:12:42.23 ID:I6VJWXvo0
That crowd just like been boiled

787 :2011/08/11(木) 21:12:28.13 ID:By+2dUnX0
So much people, they all going for madoka?

804 :2011/08/11(木) 21:14:04.75 ID:fQ/e15zs0
Sir, catch him sir!!

331 prinny cap ◆0bnPZbQgX6 [] 投稿日:2011/08/11(木) 22:03:13.94 ID:2BPiEiZG0
Here is me, just need add red scarf
If someone hail me, I'll response ._.b

335 :2011/08/11(木) 22:03:47.43 ID:ShiJ6J2s0

345 :2011/08/11(木) 22:04:34.24 ID:MjBIYDig0
Assassin from Nipponichi sofuwea- XD

353 :2011/08/11(木) 22:05:26.94 ID:RGB3XE2h0
If I meet him, I'm ready to beat him

370 prinny cap ◆0bnPZbQgX6 [] 投稿日:2011/08/11(木) 22:07:36.51 ID:2BPiEiZG0

378 :2011/08/11(木) 22:08:20.96 ID:ICP2HKwY0
Nice arm, where did you take gym?

398 :2011/08/11(木) 22:10:20.39 ID9sMp2wJ0
Love your style XD
Great, I'll wait

401 :2011/08/11(木) 22:10:29.09 ID:Jhf0yfv70
Seems a hardwork to throwing down you XD

405 :2011/08/11(木) 22:11:01.89 ID:lYjpKj7s0
I'll punch if meet

565 :2011/08/12(金) 01:01:37.19 ID:BPu/7O080
Haaa, taking too long time because of sio**ni
Please use it for dummy pickpocket

579 :2011/08/12(金) 01:02:49.74 ID:KYSaCErV0
If needed use Limonesia (SRW Z 2)

580 :2011/08/12(金) 01:02:52.38 ID:CZ1aTtNo0
Cool, me want

96 :2011/08/11(木) 23:23:04.21 ID:VB4+tfBX0
【FLASH INFO】There is firecracker happening on night line

98 :2011/08/11(木) 23:23:12.27 ID:zBPaZJxC0

105 :2011/08/11(木) 23:23:36.77 ID:78Fc9rlw0
I heard that too, is it truth?

111 :2011/08/11(木) 23:23:47.00 ID:jIs9ntkD0
Sauce plz

115 :2011/08/11(木) 23:24:00.15 ID:GB6UmD+m0
I hope it really happened...

461 :2011/08/11(木) 23:47:45.35 ID:MjBIYDig0
Because long queue, someone is shitting on pants
The pants looks brown, and seems a brown liquid dripping from it
The guy is trembling too, sometime farting
Because stink, the people around it too...

●←the guy

front●    ●  last
●●●●  ○  ●●●●●●●●●
●●●●●   ●●●●●●●●●
●   ●

That's the situation.
Because it is urgent, someone called the staff and ordered him to the toilet
"B-but i-if I-I g-ggo I-I c-ccan't b-buy ittt", his speech is in disorder too
The people around him said "stink", "ewww" etc.
While in the middle of confusion one of the staff approaching him and slapped his shoulder
At that time he's surprised and then upstanding, "Uooowaaa" (I really can't hear the sound clearly)
Along with weird sound and fart, he goes ran to the toilet
and of course there he left the brown liquid behind...
Maybe that's why it's called "Dead or Alive" situation, and after that no body know the continuance

472 :2011/08/11(木) 23:48:46.82 ID:ZeSYhMI50
A fallen warrior XD

496 :2011/08/11(木) 23:50:51.10 ID:WccXLby70
So much people got shitty on his pants

(to be continue)
Conversation is ordered differently



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Three months of absence


What the hell am I doing?


Sorry for this guys ;_;

Well, now I think I have good topic ideas for next posts.

Currently I want to understand Japonese more. But since I'm a lazy ass, and I don't have money to pay for a teacher, so I have a good idea, very very good idea, yeah.

Let's use machine translator, hahaha!!!

In other words, don't expect to much from my translation projects.

See you soon.